13 Ways to Get Free Bitcoins

Free Bitcoins Investments


There is no crypto currency that has revolutionized the financial market and is on demand like the bitcoin. Despite the changing trends in demand and supply affected by external factors, its demand has been constantly high. Part of what makes its demand to be high is its limited supply, it has been predicted that only 21 million bitcoins will be produced.

That explains why it is an instrument for storing value.  As much as bitcoin is very volatile in nature, its demand will continue growing since the supply has already been pre-determined. That said who wouldn’t love tips on getting free bitcoins. There are many activities that one can do to earn free bitcoins, some of them include:

1. Paid to click websites

These are websites that pay you to visit their websites and click their ads. An example of one of these websites is ads4BTC, they will give you ads of different time frames and all you need to do is to choose a time frame. The longer the time the more money you will earn and the good thing is that you can earn money in form of bitcoins.

2. Running Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets are websites through which you can earn an amount of bitcoins after every few minutes. There are many bitcoin faucets from which you can earn bitcoins and you get bitcoins in form of satoshis which are very small amounts of bitcoins.

3. Virtual assistance job on Bitcoin sites

There are many sites that will pay you for completing micro tasks and you get paid in form of bitcoins. A good example of these sites is Coinworker where you can do a variety of jobs and get paid in form of bitcoins.

4. Writing articles

Writing is one of the things you can do to earn an income and on some sites you can earn income in form of bitcoins especially if you are writing about bitcoins. Good thing with writing is you get better with time and this means that the more you write the higher the earning power.

5. BitcoinTalk signature campaigns

BitcoinTalk runs signature campaigns where you can advertise a Bitcoin product using your BitcoinTalk signature and get paid per post. The amount you are paid however depends on your level of membership on BitcoinTalk. A full membership consists of 120 posts and on that you will earn about 0.0005BTC per post. In some cases there are limits on posts you can write and there is also a minimum post requirement per week.

6. Provide Bitcoin Related service

There are many bitcoin related services that one can offer and earn money in form of bitcoins. To get more ideas on the bitcoin related service you can offer you can visit bitcoin talk or other bitcoin related sites and view the threads.

Some of the services you can offer include: graphic design, block chain developers, mining services, and online marketing among others. Now that there are currently many bitcoin users, one of the services you can offer is being a bitcoin escrow agent where you get paid for every bitcoin transaction.

7. Bitcoin lending

Just like any other currency, you can also lend bitcoins at a profit. You can lend money to bitcoin related projects and get the money back with an interest. Problem is just like any other currency this is a risky business and sometimes you will not get your money back especially if it involves a high amount.

how to get free bitcoins

8. Mining Bitcoins

Mining bitcoins is a sure way of earning bitcoins if you have the skill set and patience. Normally it needs a lot of investment of time in research and a lot of money for the mining equipment’s. It’s normally a long-term venture that is not easy, that is why many people don’t take that route. There are many cloud mining sites and they all have their own terms and its worth checking them out if you consider mining.

9. Gambling

Gambling is a good chance of earning bitcoin especially if you are good at it. There are bitcoin gambling sites where you can invest your bitcoin for the chance of earning even more. The problem with gambling is that it is very risky and there is a chance of you losing your bitcoins.

10. Trading

Trading is one of the options through which you can earn bitcoins. It however requires skills to do it successfully. Good news is that there are bitcoin trading sites that offer tutorials to the users. Trading can be in form of bitcoins to bitcoins or bitcoins to other things such as gold. Bitcoins to bitcoins is where you can buy bitcoins when the value is low and sell it when the value is high.

There is also the option of buying bitcoins contracts for difference. With the contract, even when the bitcoin value goes down you can still make money. A Bitcoin binary option is also a form of trading. This is where you make predictions on the price of bitcoin and if your prediction turns right you make an earning out of it.

11. Affiliate Programs

You can earn bitcoins from affiliate programs where you promote someone’s’ product and they pay you a commission in form of bitcoins. Many sites now have affiliate programs, most of the time those dealing with bitcoins will pay in form of bitcoins.

12. Play games

Believe it or not you can earn bitcoins by playing games. This is one of the easiest ways to earn with no financial investment required. They are fun though the downside is that you can get very few bitcoins. Example of this is chopcoin and coinbrawl among others.

13. Answer Questions

There are websites where you can earn bitcoins simply by answering questions. An example of this is Bitfortip. On this site a question can be posted and whoever offers the best answer is rewarded bitcoins.


As much as there are sites that claim to give you free bitcoins, there is nothing like free bitcoins you will have to earn it in a way. If not investment of money you will have to invest your time and resources. There is nothing really for free. Before engaging in a bitcoin earning activity it is important to do a vast research to understand what you will get into as some people have very high expectations and the expectations gets crushed.

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