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For connecting to another network over the internet, VPN, or Virtual Private Network is a very nice way for those who are protective of their activities on the internet as well as regional limitations. Many others offer the same services but are to be paid for in fiat currencies which some people just don’t feel comfortable using since they prefer privacy and security. This happens by connecting to a network in another region or country allowing the remote use of internet from another location.

Bitcoin for VPN

Well, some companies certainly welcome the use of digital currencies such as Bitcoin in order to welcome consumers that want to use an anonymous payment method. For example, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and other well known and trusted VPN providers offer the payment method.

Since Bitcoin addresses are just addresses with no names properly attached, it is quite difficult to figure out who’s address it is which raises the security features. In a world where people enjoy privacy, paying for VPN private internet browsing with Bitcoin might as well be the safest route since companies do not collect the information on your bank and wallet owner info.

Since a lot of these services support the use of Bitcoin, all you just need to do is create an account and pay for the desired package with Bitcoin. It is that simple. A window should pop up telling you to send the BTC to a certain address and once it is received, it should close and you will have successfully purchased the package.

With Bitcoin there is also a risk of fake VPN services, we will be listing out several trusted VPN services that accept Bitcoin because we understand that BTC transactions cannot be reversed once sent.

Great parts of Bitcoin to buy VPN

Alright, as I said before, Bitcoin is great for privacy in transactions since there is no central bank or clearing house. There is no proper identification of each Bitcoin address to the owner and info on the owner of the wallet, which adds more trust in privacy when buying VPN services. Secondly, Bitcoin is one of the fastest and safest payment methods there is, with no double charging and unalterable transaction logs for each address.

bitcoin VPN

Bad parts of Bitcoin to buy VPN

 Of course, with Bitcoin, comes troubles with usability which is limited in several countries. This scratches out the possibility of using Bitcoin certainly and forces you to use traditional payment options such as credit cards and online payment services. Another would be like I said, irreversible transactions which are troublesome. Transactions can be reversed only by the recipient so if both parties do not agree, there will not be a refund. Lastly, Bitcoin’s value is always fluctuating which could change the total amount you paid for the VPN service. However, this could also be a positive thing since, maybe one month, you pay 0.01 BTC for a $15 service at a value of $15 but after a few weeks, the value of that 0.01 BTC could be $10.


Here is a table of several Bitcoin-accepting VPN providers:

Name: Bandwidth: Encryption: Servers amount: Supported platforms: Starting price:
ExpressVPN Unlimited 256-bit 145+ Win, Mac, Linux, IOS, etc $8.32/m
NordVPN Unlimited 256-bit 771 Win, Mac, IOS, Android $5.75/m
IPVanish Unlimited 256-bit 700+ Win, Mac, IOS, Linux, etc $6.49/m


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